Welcome to WI-ACE!

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2020 here we come!

WI-ACE is excited for a year of collaboration, increased membership and enhanced engagement through social media. As we compete to keep up with organizations throughout Wisconsin, we want to make WI-ACE your go-to association you can’t live without. Since 1964, our mission has been to provide an opportunity for employers and career services professionals to share knowledge and ideas that inspire, guide and promote best practices that effectively connect students and employers. That is what 2020 is going to be all about.

Each year we host two conferences; one in spring and one in fall. We gather together with a common goal of collaboration, communication and connection. As we look at feedback from past conferences and potential agendas for the future, we have come to realize everyone really wants to spend more time together! Guest speakers are great, and will be sprinkled in as the conference planning committee deems necessary, but our main focus will be on collaboration. We will have more time in round table discussions, breakout sessions and sessions where employers collaborate with employers, and career services collaborate together. Building relationships is key to WI-ACE’s success.

After each conference a survey is sent out to the attendees for feedback and thoughts for the next conference, these three topics continue to be at the top of the list:

  • Recruitment and retention strategies
  • Hiring trends
  • Ways for colleges and employers to partner

We plan to shape our conference agendas for 2020 around these 3 areas. I challenge you to think about how you can participate and take a lead role in one of these areas.  Whether you have attended a WI-ACE conference in the past, or are looking for a way to expand your network of employers and career services professionals, give this some thought and let us know how you can add benefit to 2020.

Our spring 2020 conference will be at Kohler, and our Fall 2020 conference will be in Eau Claire. Our membership is unique in that you automatically become a member of WI-ACE by attending one of our conferences and you remain a member through the following year.

Check out our website and LinkedIn for the latest and greatest WI-ACE trends. I encourage you to strongly consider joining us at one of our conferences. You will build relationships you will not soon forget!

WI-ACE – Building Connections.  Creating Networks.


Choose Joy,

Rebecca Lee

President, 2020