Welcome to WI-ACE!

Since 1964, the Wisconsin Association of Colleges and Employers (WI-ACE) has been bringing together over 100 professionals in collegiate career services and recruitment/staffing to collaborate, communicate, and connect. Through our connections, many of Wisconsin’s college graduates have achieved their career goals and employers have added value to their workplace. Whether you seek out new innovative strategies to recruit Wisconsin co-ops, interns or graduates, gain an awareness of the college recruiting practices at each Wisconsin institution of higher education, learn about best practices in advising and mentoring of students or expand your professional network for your own personal career advancement, our members share your interest and invite you to join us.

We host 2 conferences a year which allow us to share new insights, learn about recruiting trends, explore new career related resources and provide an opportunity for our membership to share their expertise with their colleagues. We provide opportunities for lengthy discussions with the different constituent groups (Public, Private, Technical College and Employers) to learn best practices in each area. Aside from gaining professional benefit, WIACE is an organization that will build great lifelong friendships with colleagues from around the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

We seek individuals that have a passion for our field and profession. We hope each member contributes to the greater good of the organization and the advancement of young professionals in their careers. New professionals, experienced professionals and partner institutions are a valuable asset to our profession and we hope you will join our many discussions. I encourage you to explore our new and improved website to learn more about the benefits of membership to WI-ACE. We welcome your involvement, your leadership and participation in our organization. WI-ACE – Building Connections. Creating Networks.


Lynda Nicely Busack

President, 2018