There are multiple awards of recognition that can be presented to members of WI-ACE by the President of the association.  Below, please find a listing of these awards and the criteria to be considered. 

Awards will be granted in the following categories:

1. Emeriti Status

  • Long-term membership and service to WI-ACE
  • Major office holder
  • Chaired committees, workshop leader, etc.
  • Retired from position/place of work
  • Voted by the Board

2. President’s Award

  • Given at the discretion of the current President.
  • Awarded for exemplary service to the current President and to WI-ACE

3. Outstanding Service Award

  • Outstanding service to WI-ACE
  • Leaving the profession and has done a lot for WI-ACE
  • Long-term member
  • Served as a committee chair (s)
  • Voted by the Board

4. Appreciation Award

  • Directed a special project, or volunteer conference participant
  • Recommended by committee chair or co-chair
  • Departing board members
  • Approved by the President

5. President’s Plaque

  • Prepared by the Publications Chair at the direction of the President-Elect.
  • Presented by the President-Elect at the December business meeting.