To provide an opportunity for employers and career services professionals to share knowledge and ideas that inspire, guide, and promote best practices that effectively connect students and employers.

To successfully connect Wisconsin college and university students and graduates with employers, simultaneously meeting the objectives of recruiting and career services professionals, while fulfilling the aspirations of students and graduates.


Founded in 1964, WI-ACE was originally named WCPA (Wisconsin College Placement Association) and was formed to “develop and extend policies and standards for the placement of graduates from its respective institutions”.

In 1967, WCPA began including employers in its meetings.

In 1973, another name change arrived renaming WCPA to WCPPA (Wisconsin Career Planning and Placement Association), and it published its first Career Guidelines book for students.

In 1990, the WCPPA conducted its first statewide Employers survey.

In 1997, the name “WI-ACE” (Wisconsin Association of Colleges and Employers) was adopted.

In 2000, WI-ACE hosted its first designed web site.